updated 6/27/22

Year-Round Beer

Sliding Rock
A straightforward amber ale with a blend of seven different American malts & two domestic hop varieties.  Malt forward, light bodied & low in alcohol.  *Gluten reduced beer*
6packs available to-go
Great American Beer Festival 2019: Silver Medal, English Mild Ale
4.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Stiff Paddle IPA
This American IPA features a hop showcase of Centennial, Simcoe, & Citra with notes of grapefruit, pine, and passionfruit.  Dry-hopped with Citra & El Dorado for increased citrus & stone fruit depth
6packs available to-go
6% ABV - 14oz. $6
Heavy Cream
A traditional English-style stout with a hefty dose of milk sugar giving the beer more sweetness & body.  Notes of chocolate & sweetened espresso are featured.  
*contains lactose*

6packs available to-go
5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Papertown Pilsner
House beer only available at our Riverside in Canton location.  Easy drinker with moderate bitterness in the true German Pilsner fashion
6packs available to-go
5.2% ABV - 16oz. $5
Bugle Boy Brown Ale
British Brown Ale showcasing notes of biscuit, toffee, hazelnut, and chocolate.  Traditional East Kent Golding hops provide a clean and balanced bitterness.  Named for the local elk's mating call. 
6packs available to-go

5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Junkshow Pale Ale: Round #9
Rotating Pale Ale series - Round #9 features Mosaic, El Dorado, Simcoe, & Cascade.
5.3% ABV - 16oz. $5 
On the DL Lager
All-malt Standard American Lager - this lager is not cut with any corn, rice, or corn syrup.  Low bitterness, low calorie, & low carb with full malted barley flavor.  
6packs available to-go

4.7% ABV - 16oz. $5

Seasonal Beer

Smells Like Money
Belgian Dark Strong Ale featuring malt complexity & depth - flavors of raisins, dates, chocolate, cherries, molasses, and spice. Warming alcohol & dangerously drinkable.  
Great American Beer Festival 2017: Bronze Medal, Belgian Strong Specialty Ale

9.2% ABV - 12oz. $6
Stiffer Paddle
Double IPA with double the dry hop of Stiff Paddle.  Citra +El Dorado showcased & dangerously drinkable for its strength.
16.9oz bottles available to-go
8.9% ABV - 14oz. $4 SALE 
HayNow Hefeweizen
Traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer using a yeast strain that brings out expressive flavors of banana and clove.
$1 from every pint donated to the Elk Foundation

5.4% ABV - 16oz. $6
Single Hop IPA: Citra
American IPA brewed & dry hopped with Citra
7.3% ABV - 14oz. $6
Milltown Dry Hopped Pils
Papertown Pilsner dry hopped with German Saphir hops.  Juniper & lemongrass notes are prominent.
5.2% ABV - 16oz. $5
Vic Secret Saison
Saison fermented with two unique strains of saison yeast & then dry-hopped with Vic Secret hops.  American-Belgian hybrid beer with a dry finish.   
6.7% ABV - 14oz. $6
SMaSH Ale: Pilsner/Citra
Single Malt and Single Hop beer featuring Pilsner & Citra.   
5.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Strawberry Blonde Ale
Light easy-drinking blonde ale with a pop of strawberry
5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Vienna Lager
An amber lager with moderate malt richness and moderate hop bitterness.  
5.1% ABV - 16oz. $5
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Lightning Bug Lemonade
Hard lemonade with all-natural cane sugar & lemon juice.

5% ABV - 16oz. $5
White WINE

Hayes Ranch Chardonnay
vanilla and brown sugar with hints of oak and cinnamon green apples
14% ABV - 9oz. $7

Stemmari Moscato

Pleasantly crisp with ripe white peach, sweet nectarines and honeysuckle 
8.5% ABV - 9oz. $7

Donini Pinot Grigio
full flavor with notes of honey, apple, wildflowers and pear
12% ABV - 9oz. $7

red WINE

Stemmari Pinot Noir
dry with delicate tannins, balanced by a pleasing acidity and fruity taste
13% ABV - 9oz. $7
Hayes Ranch Red Blend
blend of cabernet sauvignon, petite sirah and barbera with flavors of blackberry, black cherry and plum
12.5% ABV - 9oz. $7


Original Sin Hard Cider
Bright aromatic apple with a semi-dry finish
6% ABV - 12oz. $7