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Updated 1/17/23

Year-Round Beer

Sliding Rock
A straightforward amber ale with a blend of seven different American malts & two domestic hop varieties.  Malt forward, light bodied & low in alcohol.  *Gluten reduced beer*
6packs available to-go
Great American Beer Festival 2019: Silver Medal, English Mild Ale
4.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Stiff Paddle IPA
This American IPA features a hop showcase of Centennial, Simcoe, & Citra with notes of grapefruit, pine, and passionfruit.  Dry-hopped with Citra & El Dorado for increased citrus & stone fruit depth
6packs available to-go
6% ABV - 14oz. $6
Heavy Cream
A traditional English-style stout with a hefty dose of milk sugar giving the beer more sweetness & body.  Notes of chocolate & sweetened espresso are featured.  
*contains lactose*

6packs available to-go
5% ABV - 16oz. $6
Papertown Pilsner
Easy drinker with moderate bitterness in the true German Pilsner fashion
6packs available to-go
5.2% ABV - 16oz. $6
Bugle Boy Brown Ale
British Brown Ale showcasing notes of biscuit, toffee, hazelnut, and chocolate.  Traditional East Kent Golding hops provide a clean and balanced bitterness.  Named for the local elk's mating call. 
6packs available to-go

5% ABV - 16oz. $6
Junkshow Pale Ale: Round #10
Rotating Pale Ale Series - Round#10 features Azacca, Citra, Cascade, Centennial, & Simcoe hops
5.3% ABV - 16oz. $6
On the DL Lager
All-malt Standard American Lager - this lager is not cut with any corn, rice, or corn syrup. 
Low bitterness, low calorie, & low carb with full malted barley flavor.  

6packs available to-go

4.7% ABV - 16oz. $6

Seasonal Beer

Peppermint mocha stout - our customer favorite winter seasonal is back!
*contains lactose*

5% ABV - 16oz. $6  
Celebrating 10 years of BearWaters - this old ale was boiled for 10 hours.  Notes of treacle, toffee, and chocolate.  Warming alcohol makes this the perfect sipping beer for the winter.  
10% ABV - 10oz. $6
10 - Bourbon Barrel Aged
Celebrating 10 years of BearWaters - this old ale was boiled for 10 hours.  Notes of treacle, toffee, and chocolate.  Warming alcohol makes this the perfect sipping beer for the winter.  Aged in Woodford Reserve, WF Double Oaked, and Heaven Hill barrels for 10 months.  Coffee & vanilla variants also on tap for a limited time.   
11.5% ABV - 10oz. $7
Haywood Haze
New England-style IPA featuring lower bitterness & emphasis on hop flavor and aroma.  Dry hopped with Strata, Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy, & Azacca.
6.4% ABV - 14oz. $7
Pumpkin PFD
American Amber bursting with fall flavor. 
6% ABV - 16oz. $7 
The Dude on Nitro
Cream Stout with flavors of White Russian via nitro pour. Careful, man!  There's a beverage here. 
*contains lactose*

5% ABV - 16oz. $6  
Down Home Peach Cobbler 
American-style smoothie sour loaded up with peaches, cinnamon, & brown sugar.  
*contains lactose*

5.5% ABV - 14oz. $7  

Three Bears Tripel 

Belgian strong pale ale defined by distinct notes of bready malts, herbaceous and floral hops
and complex fruit and spice from the yeast.

9% ABV - 10oz. $6
Order a sample flight of any four beers  - $12
Lightning Bug Lemonade
Hard lemonade with all-natural cane sugar & lemon juice.

5% ABV - 16oz. $6
White WINE

Hayes Ranch Chardonnay
vanilla and brown sugar with hints of oak and cinnamon green apples
14% ABV - 9oz. $7

Stemmari Moscato

Pleasantly crisp with ripe white peach, sweet nectarines and honeysuckle 
8.5% ABV - 9oz. $7

Donini Pinot Grigio
full flavor with notes of honey, apple, wildflowers and pear
12% ABV - 9oz. $7

red WINE

Stemmari Pinot Noir
dry with delicate tannins, balanced by a pleasing acidity and fruity taste
13% ABV - 9oz. $7
Hayes Ranch Red Blend
blend of cabernet sauvignon, petite sirah and barbera with flavors of blackberry, black cherry and plum
12.5% ABV - 9oz. $7


Original Sin Hard Cider
Bright aromatic apple with a semi-dry finish
6% ABV - 12oz. $7
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