updated 5/31/21

Sliding Rock
An easy-drinking light amber ale with low bitterness and a hint of caramel malt.  We've resurrected the almost extinct Pale English Mild & brewed it with all American ingredients. 
Silver - English Mild Ale: Great American Beer Festival 2019. 
4.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Stiff Paddle IPA
This American IPA features a hop showcase of Centennial, Simcoe, & Citra with notes of grapefruit, pine, and passionfruit.  Dry-hopped with Citra & El Dorado for increased citrus & stone fruit depth
6% ABV - 14oz. $5
Heavy Cream Stout
A traditional English-style Milk Stout with a hefty dose of milk sugar giving the beer more sweetness and body.  Notes of chocolate and sweetened espresso are featured
5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Papertown Pilsner
House beer only available at our Riverside in Canton location.  Easy drinker with moderate bitterness in the true German Pilsner fashion
5.4% ABV - 16oz. $5
Bugle Boy Brown Ale
British Brown Ale showcasing notes of biscuit, toffee, hazelnut, and chocolate.  Traditional East Kent Golding hops provide a clean and balanced bitterness.  Named for the local elk's mating call. 
5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Single Hop IPA - Citra
All Citra, all the time - from kettle through dry hop.  Grapefruit & orange in abundance.  
6.5% ABV - 14oz. $5
A customer favorite - a traditional Bavarian wheat beer with our favorite hefeweizen yeast strain that gives subtle notes of banana and clove. Embrace the haze.
5.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Haywood Haze
New England-style IPA showcasing hop flavor & aroma.  Citra, Mosaic, & Amarillo hops in this batch.
6.4% ABV - 14oz. $6
Junkshow Pale Ale: Round #6
Rotating Pale Ale series - Round #6 is entirely made up of New Zealand hops featuring Green Bullet, Dr. Rudi, & Pacifica.
5.3% ABV - 16oz. $5
Pink Passionfruit Sour
Light, tart, & refreshing sour ale bursting with passionfruit flavor. 
Gold - Fruited American Sour Ale: Great American Beer Festival 2018
4.6% ABV - 14oz. $6
Smells Like Money
A Belgian Dark Strong Ale that is rich, complex, & dangerous!  Low bitterness and rich malts that evoke notes of raisin and fig.  A sophisticated beer for the discerning palate.
Bronze - Belgian-style Strong Specialty Ale: Great American Beer Festival 2017
9.4% ABV - 12oz. $6
Café Lumière
Coffee blonde ale brewed with Orchard Coffee's (Waynesville, NC) Steamline Mexican Chiapas.  This beer was first brewed for the Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 to highlight both the light & the dark and has remained a staff favorite. . 
5.6% ABV - 14oz. $6
Vienna Lager
A traditional amber Vienna-style lager with malt richness that is supported by moderate hop bitterness.
5.1% ABV - 16oz. $5
On the DL Lager
All-malt Standard American Lager - this lager is not cut with any corn, rice, or corn syrup.  Low bitterness, low calorie, & low carb with full malted barley flavor.  
4.7% ABV - 16oz. $5
I'm Seeing Dubbel
Trappist-style Belgian Dubbel - bread crust meets light raisin with subtle fruit & spice from our favorite Belgian ale yeast.  Low bitterness & packed with complex flavor.   
7.7% ABV - 12oz. $5
Waterrock Wheat
Traditional Belgian-style White Ale brewed with 50% wheat and accented with coriander and Curaçao orange peel.  Dry finish with chamomile notes.  
5.1% ABV - 16oz. $5
Mountain Mojo
Amber lager w/ mango. 2021 is the last hurrah for this beer! 6pk cans available to go. 
5.2% ABV - 16oz. $5
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Lightning Bug Lemonade
*GLUTEN FREE*  - Hard Seltzer based with all-natural lemon juice & cane sugar.
4.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Pink Lemonade
Lightning Bug Lemonade meets our Pink Passionfruit Sour!
4.5% ABV - 16oz. $6

White WINE

Rotari Brut Sparkling: Italy
Bursting with green apple and tropical fruits with a hint of toasted brioche
12.5% ABV - 8oz. $7
Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc: Australia
Fresh and zesty aromas of lemon verbena, passionfruit, & guava with punchy acidity
10.5% ABV - 8oz. $7
Hayes Chardonnay: California
Vanilla & brown sugar with a touch of oak
13.5% ABV - 8oz. $7
Stemmari Moscato: Italy
Pleasantly crisp with ripe white peach, sweet nectarines,and honeysuckle
8.5% ABV - 8oz. $7
Donini delle Venezie Pinot Grigio: Italy
Refreshing and redolent of apples and white flowers alongside a mineral-driven finish
12% ABV - 8oz. $7

red WINE

Bogle Cabernet Sauvignon: California
Cherry & plum with accents of green tea leaves, dark chocolate, and leather.  Aged in American Oak for 12 months
13.5% ABV - 8oz. $7
Stemmari Pinot Noir: California
Blackberries, wild strawberries, & cherries integrated with inklings of spice 
13% ABV - 8oz. $7
Hayes Red Blend: California
Blackberries, wild strawberries, & cherries integrated with inklings of spice 
13% ABV - 8oz. $7


Original Sin Hard Cider
Bright aromatic apple with a semi-dry finish
6% ABV - 14oz. $6