Updated 5/11/21


Sliding Rock
An easy-drinking light amber ale with low bitterness and a hint of caramel malt.  We've resurrected the almost extinct Pale English Mild & brewed it with all American ingredients. 
Silver - English Mild Ale: Great American Beer Festival 2019. 
4.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Stiff Paddle IPA
This American IPA features a hop showcase of Centennial, Simcoe, & Citra with notes of grapefruit, pine, and passionfruit.  Dry-hopped with Citra & El Dorado for increased citrus & stone fruit depth. 
6% ABV - 14oz. $5

Heading 1

Heavy Cream Stout
A traditional English-style Milk Stout with a hefty dose of milk sugar giving the beer more sweetness and body.  Notes of chocolate and sweetened espresso are featured. 
5% ABV - 16oz. $5
J Creek Blonde Ale
House beer for our Maggie Valley: Creekside location.  Simple easy-drinking blonde ale perfect for enjoying on the creek.
5.3% ABV - 16oz. $5
Bugle Boy Brown Ale
British Brown Ale showcasing notes of biscuit, toffee, hazelnut,and chocolate.  Traditional East Kent Golding hops provide a clean and balanced bitterness.  Named for the local elk's mating call.
5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Smells Like Money
A Belgian Dark Strong Ale that is rich, complex, & dangerous!  Low bitterness and rich malts that evoke notes of raisin and fig.  A sophisticated beer for the discerning palate.
Bronze - Belgian-style Strong Specialty Ale: Great American Beer Festival 2017
9.4% ABV - 11oz. $6
Vienna Lager
Our seasonal spring lager has returned!  A traditional amber Vienna-style lager with malt richness that is supported by moderate hop bitterness.   
5.1% ABV - 16oz. $5
Junkshow Pale Ale: Round #5
Rotating Pale Ale series - Round #5 features Cascade, Centennial, & Columbus hops
5.3% ABV - 16oz. $5
Spring Bock
Big brother to our Vienna lager - deep copper German lager style with rich notes of toasted bread crust & pumpernickel. Brewed with several layers of Munich malt and is balanced towards malt richness.
6.3% ABV - 14oz. $5
Lemondrop Saison
Traditional Saison lightly dry-hopped with Lemondrop & African Queen hops.  Subtle citrus meets peppercorn along with a dry finish.
6.8% ABV - 14oz. $6
On the DL Lager
All-malt Standard American Lager - this lager is not cut with any corn, rice, or corn syrup.  Low bitterness, low calorie, & low carb with full malted barley flavor.
4.7% ABV - 16oz. $5
A customer favorite - a traditional Bavarian wheat beer with our favorite hefeweizen yeast strain that gives subtle notes of banana and clove. Embrace the haze.   
5.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
SMaSH: Southern Select & Zamba
Single Malt and Single Hop: Southern Select 2-row barley malted by our friends at Riverbend in Asheville & Zamba hops.  A refreshing easy-drinking blonde ale with a pop of tropical & stone fruit flavors. 
5.6% ABV - 16oz. $5    
I'm Seeing Dubbel
Trappist-style Belgian Dubbel - bread crust meets light raisin with subtle fruit & spice from our favorite Belgian ale yeast.  Low bitterness & packed with complex flavor.    
7.7% ABV - 14oz. $5 
Try a sampler flight of any four beers 
Lightning Bug Lemonade
*GLUTEN FREE* - Hard Seltzer based with all-natural lemon juice & cane sugar.  ​
4.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Tipper Tea
*GLUTEN FREE* - Hard Seltzer based with a blend of black teas.
4.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Arnold Palmer
*GLUTEN FREE* - 50/50 Blend of our Lightning Bug Lemonade & Tipper Tea
4.5% ABV - 16oz. $5
Back Porch Mimosa
*GLUTEN FREE* - For when you're feeling fancy!  Lightning Bug Lemonade meets dry sparkling white wine. 
8.5% ABV - $9

White WINE

Stoneburn Sauvignon Blanc: New Zealand
Notes of grapefruit and lemon zest with fresh minerality & electric acidity
13% ABV - 8oz. $7
Sombras del Sol Chardonnay: Chile
Round & elegant with notes of ripe stone fruit and a touch of melon
13% ABV - 8oz. $7
Stemmari Moscato: Italy
Pleasantly crisp with ripe white peach, sweet nectarines,and honeysuckle
8.5% ABV - 8oz. $7
Floriography Blooming White Blend: South Africa
Complex with a combination of lemongrass, honeydew, & clementine
12.5% ABV - 8oz. $7

red WINE

Filón Garnacha: Spain
Bursting with ripe black fruit & cherries with a hint of smoky dark chocolate
14.5% ABV - 8oz. $7
Periano Illusion Red Blend: California
Bold, lush, & velvet-smooth with big jammy fruit and a soft finish
14.8% ABV - 8oz. $7


Original Sin Cider (draft)
Bright aromatic apple with a semi-dry finish
6% ABV - 16oz. $6